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Winam Chanua Dada CBO (CHADALA)

We care for you😊

CHADALA seeks to help improve the health and livelihood of young women and girls in their diversity, in the rural and informal settlements of Nyanza,Kenya.

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About Us

Winam Chanua Dada CBO(CHADALA) is a registered LBQ women led Community Based Organization that seeks to help develop and
improve the health and livelihood of young women and girls in their diversity, in the rural and informal settlements of Nyanza-Kenya through facilitation of Arts, Socioeconomic Activities, Advocacy, Fundraising, Campaigning, Partnerships and Networking.

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Get to Know Us

Since opening our doors in 2021, the foundation of Winam Chanua Dada CBO (CHADALA) has come from the exceptional talent and true passion within the team. As the heart of what we do, each team member is dedicated and committed to making sure CHADALA achieves it's aim of developing and improving the lives of young women and girls in their diversity.

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Nancy Edwards Ayoma (Eddy)

Co-Founder/Program Coordinator

Eddy is an essential part of the team, and has been with Winam Chanua Dada CBO (CHADALA) since the very beginning. As our Program Coordinator, Eddy has seen  the smooth operation of the organization thanks to her passion, knowledge and expertise in Community Development and Social work.

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Grace Edwards Akumu

Founder/Program Officer

Since the inception of Winam Chanua Dada CBO (CHADALA), Grace has played a crucial role in the continued success of the Organization. Her exceptional skills, knowledge, true passion and creativity has inspired massive growth.

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Elizabeth  Ogallo

Accounts Assistant

After a thriving career in many different businesses, Winam Chanua Dada CBO (CHADALA) is pleased to welcome Elizabeth Ogallo to the team. As a motivated, results-oriented Accounts Assistant, Lincy has been in charge of CHADALA's accounting, book keeping and documentation of financial statements/reports. She has helped to make us what we are today.

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Maureen Wangui

Program Assistant- SRHR (Volunteer)

Maureen is an essential part of the team, and has been with Winam Chanua Dada CBO (CHADALA) since the very beginning. With her passion, expertise and knowledge on matters related to Sexual, Reproductive, Health and Rights, she has managed to engage and educate women and girls from diverse backgrounds.

Ngina Pics.JPG

Diana Ngina

Communication and Resource Mobilization Officer (Volunteer)

Since joining Winam Chanua Dada CBO (CHADALA), Ngina has played a crucial role in the continued success of the organization. Her exceptional skill set in communication and resource mobilization, true passion and creativity has inspired massive growth.

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Strengths 😊

What we pride in🏳️‍🌈

Winam Chanua Dada CBO (CHADALA) is a proud member of Coalitions and Networks both locally and internationally i.e Coalition Action for Preventive Mental Health Kenya(CAPMHK), Global Mental Health Action Network, Lightup Impact Community, CSOs Network, AfricanNGOs, African CSOs Network, African Mental Health Association(AMHA), GBV Action Coalition Partners, African Coalition for Menstrual Health(ACMH), MeTA Kenya CSOs for SRHR Alliance, Kisumu SRHR-UHC Alliance, Development Agenda for Women and Girls in Africa(DAWA), Young Women's Leadership Institute(YWLI), Young Directors and Leaders Platform, Ryculture Health and Social Innovation SRHR Youth Champion Project, UN Commitment Action Makers(Generation Equality). We also pride in partnerships and collaborations with several likeminded CBOs/CSOs in the region and beyond and we are open to further partnerships and collaborations that will bring about positive change to the communities we all serve.

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Home for GALZ with BIG DREAMS!

Guaranteed Safe Space for you🏳️‍🌈

We would love to hear from you. Please get in touch and tell us how best we can partner and work together. We are also reaching out to well wishers, supporters and donors, to support us acquire a Wellness and Recreational Hub (WHR), which will also serve as a Safe House for young women and girls in their diversity, who are victims/survivors of Sexual Gender Based Violence and Human Rights Violations in general. The WRH will have a Book Club for Learning and Character Development Skills, Creative Arts Club for Advocacy and Income Generating Activities, Wellness Dance Club for Mental Health, Guidance and Counseling. As an organization that uses Art as a tool for Advocacy we infuse different forms of Creative Arts i.e Dancing, Storytelling, Drama, Spoken Word and Painting to amplify and communicate our messages of EQUALITY, INCLUSION and NON DISCRIMINATION!


Thematic Areas

To have a more empowered society where LBQ women's voices count too.

🔸Mental Health🔸Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights(SRHR)🔸Sexual and Gender Based Violence(SGBV)🔸Socio-economic Empowerment and Arts 🔸Safety and Security

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Mental Health is HEALTH!

Bonga Na Dada!

CHADALA has created a safe space for young LBQ women where they can freely meet and share their lived stories and experiences affecting their mental health. Through our #BongaNaDada platform we've been able to offer psycho-social support to several of our rights holders. #MentalHealthMatters               #MentalHealthMatters  #MentalHealthForALL




CHADALA champions for an end to SGBV with a focus on young women and girls in their diversity who are targeted due to sexual orientation, gender identity and expression (SOGIE). Cases of corrective rape, forced marriages, unintended pregnancy, domestic violence, blackmail, possible forced eviction, unlawful arrest targeting the vulnerable young women and girls have been recorded over the years, with very little or no justice served to victims and survivors.


Gallery 😊


Whenever you work with us, you can trust that you’re in great hands.


Help us #EndTeenagePregnancy #SupportTeenMums

The joy of Christmas is sharing😊. Thanks to your kind donation we were able to donate *10 CHADALA Xmas Food Baskets* and Dignity Kits, to 10 Teen Mums in Dunga, Nyanza-Kenya. The young mums were also taken through a discussion on Postpartum Depression and how best it can be managed. CHADALA is looking at starting a liquid hand soap making program to benefit the vulnerable girls, the soap will be sold both locally and internationally with the help of our already established networks. This will help the young mums achieve their sustainability goals.Kindly donate:1. Dignitary Kits2. Diapers3. Clothes4. FoodTogether let's #SupportTeenMums in rural Nyanza,Kenya 

Teenage Pregnancy is on the rise in rural areas of Nyanza Kenya, something that's really worrying. Together we can help the young mothers live a more fulfilling life.#SupportTeenageMothers✊🇰🇪


Chanuka Sasa, Okoa Dada Campaign!

Sexual minority women continue to face violence, stigma and discrimination from loved ones and the society at large. CHADALA advocates for the rights of sexual minority women living in the rural and informal settlements, who are unlawfully violated, misrepresented and are less informed about their fundamental human rights. We need a safe, more empowered and inclusive world free from violence, stigma and discrimination due to actual or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI). It's time to #BreakTheBias👇

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Our Security Matters!


Through our intervention, CHADALA has documented several life-threatening safety and security cases, which happened pre, during and post election period and had not been reported or shared by the victims due to fear of possible attacks. In our mapping out, we managed to empower over 50 young LBQ womn of ages 18-30 years, living in the rural and informal settlements of Kisumu County where the safety and security of young LBQ womn still remains a major concern. As per our assessment, it's  evident that most of the vulnerable young womn are less knowledgeable of the Kenyan Constitution and their fundamental human and women’s rights. The mapping out was done with the support of the already empowered participants who attended our #UsalamaWaDada trainings/forums.

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